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What is beauty? It is much better to seek beauty where no one expects it to find. A simple imperfection can be more attractive than boring perfection. 

My current body of work focuses on an Intriguing combination of texture, color, and composition.
Each piece is manipulated with a unique surface finish of textures.
In my art I combine charcoal, pastels, watercolor, ink, acrylic paint, pen and digital photography to create textural abstract drawings. Regardless of the media, I strive to capture nature’s innate beauty through each of my piece. I try to focuse on organic contours and unique textures.
My hope is that the viewer is enticed to feel the textures thus able to interact with the work.



Newspapers have their own history as if they are mirrors of human mode of that time. They are unbiased chroniclers of the era they come from. Most of the newspapers belong to 17-19th century. I’m thrilled when I touch pieces of the newspapers because I touch frozen moments of past centuries. I feel breath of life at this moment. I can’t describe my emotions when I hold torn yellowish newspaper in my arms, it’s like as if there is a connection between me and a person who used to hold the same newspaper in his or her hands centuries ago. Newspapers can tell a lot of interesting stories from the past. My imagination explodes picturing moment of that everyday life. Time flied, babies were born, they grew and became adults. After they found their happiness and completed their missions, they died leaving behind something tangible – newspapers. I can’t be indifferent reading these newspapers. There is a invisible spiritual bridge between past and future cultures that crosses time lines. This energy and ideas behind these newspapers charge me. It pushes me to create new art structures – new art pieces. In other words, I transform these old ideas and antique media into a new concept, new language to express new ideas and thoughts. 



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