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White Flowers in V, Hand Embellished Canvas Giclee

White Flowers in V, Hand Embellished Canvas Giclee

Irena Orlov Hand Embellished Textured Fine Art Canvas Giclee.
''Gallery Wrap'' finished to provide a clean look from front, side, and back 1 1/2'' wooden support bars create a finished look that allows you to hang without a frame.

Size 40" x 30"

From the collection: Extraordinary in the Ordinary

What is beauty? It is much better to seek beauty where no one expects it to find. A simple imperfection can be more attractive than boring perfection.
My current body of work focuses on an Intriguing combination of texture, color, and composition.
Each piece is manipulated with a unique surface finish of textures.
In my art I combine charcoal, pastels, watercolor, ink, acrylic paint, pen and digital photography to create textural abstract drawings. Regardless of the media, I strive to capture nature’s innate beauty through each of my piece. I try to focuse on organic contours and unique textures.
My hope is that the viewer is enticed to feel the textures thus able to interact with the work.
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